Monday, August 7, 2017

When To Place Your Veggie Garden

It’s seems like every year I just hardly skip the best growing dates– Springtime seems to just kind of emerge on me! The previous you begin, the previously you will have a lawn full of wonderful vegetables, so don’t be a procrastinator like me. Starting your vegetation in the house is a great indication of the hotter days forward.
Here is a useful graph I’ve designed to help you remember when to begin with each plant, but keep in mind the schedules may differ a bit based on the weather you reside in (I stay in North California). Re-planting outside should always be done after the last snow (you can look up the first and last lock up schedules by local zipcode here). Warmer areas can obviously begin their new plants previously, where as folks that stay in chillier environments need to begin with a little later in 12 months.
**For vegetation that don’t need to begin with in the house.
Happy gardening!!

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