Monday, January 2, 2017

I Tried A Jelly Lip Mask and It modified My Life

I've got nice lips – i will simply say it. they are most likely my best feature and that i strive my best to stay them hydrous, exfoliated, and swathed in exactly the velvetiest lipsticks. however currently that the horrific polar vortex has gripped NYC, my stunning pout is roughened and in serious would like of association.

For the previous few months, I've essentially taken on the a hundred Layers of ointment challenge in an effort to interrupt the dry-lipped curse. It works for a second, however once I eat lunch, brush my teeth, or take a drink, it's straight back to Chapsville. I required a much better resolution, thus i made a decision to undertake out the lips-only mask that is been seizing my Instagram.

The result? Pure. Freaking. Bliss. Here's what happened.The Jean capital of South Dakota Cosmetics Moisturizing Lip Mask set comes with 5 individual masks and guarantees to "moisturize and repair broken lips" whereas conjointly large your kisser with additional scleroprotein. the foremost attention-grabbing half to Maine was the adhesive jelly texture of the mask itself – it's quite like those sticky hands you ~lived for~ as a child.
I needed to pay my day throwing it at things to check if it might stick, however as a result of i am knowledgeable missy who's nice at adulting, I cuffed it on my face and settled for taking a number of selfies.

The feeling of the squashy mask on my face was satisfying enough to stay Maine from peeling it off and flinging it at objects round the workplace (did I mention however skilled I am?), thus I waited the total fifteen minutes before taking it off – then contend with it for one more 10.
My initial feeling was major upset – my lips did not feel or look any completely different post-mask. however because the day went on i spotted however well the treatment really worked. For the primary time in twenty three years of brutal winters, my clean naked lips felt sleek, healthy, and hydrous – while not seventy five layers of ointment.

The unavoidable flaky dry skin that comes around each winter has finally gone. Even on a daily basis later my lips will really exist while not ointment on, one thing i have not been ready to do since middle October.

Unfortunately, the mask's promise of plumper lips did not extremely total. Honestly although, i do not even care. The long association is all i actually needed out of the expertise and that is specifically what I got.

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