Thursday, December 8, 2016

Beauty Products to Help You Do better than the Clock

Our experts round up the 10 best ways to keep your skin youthful.
Anti-aging products can help slower some of the harmful associated with time on your skin -- and in some cases, even reverse them.

Here are our experts' top ten ways to keep looking timeless.

1. SPF with zinc

''Using SPF every day -- even if you're not outside -- is the best way to slow pores and skin aging, '' says Leslie Baumann, MD, author and Cosmetic Ingredients.

While skin doctors are happy if you put on any sunscreen, they're partial to zinc as the best sunshine shield. 'Zinc "doesn't aggravate sensitive skin and has the broadest-spectrum UVA safety, '' says Jessica Wu, MD, an assistant medical professor of dermatology at the University of The southern part of California.

Slimy Skin: 8 Ways to Make Makeup Last

Simply because you have got oily pores and skin, that doesn't mean you have to forever do away with makeup. It's a couple of knowing what works with your skin type.

These eight ideas, from a make-up designer and a dermatologist, are expert solutions for wearing cosmetic if you have an oily complexion.
one particular. Always prime the skin first.

When you have an oily complexion, by using a make-up special primer helps everything stay put, says Los Angeles-based cosmetic artist Emily Kate Warren.